Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Medicated Mom's Guide To- Planning a Homeschool Curriculum

When I decided that I wanted to homeschool my children, I had no idea how how much work was going to be involved. Now that I've gotten my hands into it...... it's A LOT of freaking work! I've spent the past 3 months planning for this school year, but when I look at everything, I am no where near ready! But as of today, I'm okay with that!

I'm going to assume that at least one of my readers, is a homeschooler. I'm also going to assume that this one reader is struggling to plan for this year. For that reader, I have some advice!!

WINE!! You'll need lots of wine and a sense of humor.....and maybe a Xanax or two.

That's it. That's my advice for properly planning how to educate your children. Wine, Xanax and a few giggles. I'm kidding!!

Truth is, I don't think that spazzing is going to help my situation at all, so I've decided to take a step back, take in a few deep, cleansing breaths (and a couple glasses of vino) and focus on the following:
-Putting together a secular curriculum that works best for our home.
-Setting up a schedule for school time.
-Gathering materials and preparing for our school year!

That's my plan for the rest of this month. Next month I'll put it all together and hopefully, be ready to start.  I'll update my progress as I go. For now, I'm going to let this ambien kick in and drift off to sleep!

I want to share a few links to some sites that I've found pretty helpful thus far. Hope you find them helpful as well!! - A great source for worksheets and other materials. Made by teachers, for teachers!
lesson plans at Lakeshore Learning - Free lesson plans for preschool thru 5th grade!
1st Grade Curriculum- An entire 1st grade curriculum.....for FREE!
ReadWriteThink -Lesson plans and activities for reading. 
Monthly Activities & Resources - Themes and activities for each month!
Vocabulary Lessons for Grade 1 - Online vocabulary lessons.
Free Online Spelling  - Interactive spelling lists and test for grades 1-8. 
1st grade worksheets -Printable worksheets for 1st graders...that are FREE!!! 

Hope some of this helps! I'll post whatever else I come across that appears to be useful. 

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