Monday, July 21, 2014

She might be a hypochondriac......

The conversation I just had with my Bitty girl (6 year old).

(A commercial for lice shampoo is on)

Bitty- "Mommy, I needs that"

Me- "No sweetheart, you don't"

Bitty- "YES I DOES!! My head is so itchy!"

Me- "Baby, that's not for an itchy head"

Bitty- "Well, what's it for then?"

Me- "It's for icky bugs in your hair, you don't have those"

Bitty- "YES I DOES!!! It's so icthy! I can feel them crawling everywhere. MOMMY I NEED THAT!!"

So needless to say, my daughter is convinced that she has lice and that I need to buy her the shampoo to rid her of them. Awesome.

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