Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Orange Rhino Challenge.....and a Medicated Mom?

It didn't take much for me to realize, that I yell entirely too much. It's a daily thing. I yell at my kids for "misbehaving", for fighting, for not paying attention during our homeschool lessons, for "being annoying or whiny".

I yell at them all the time......I hate this about me.

Late last night, I happened upon an interesting website, called It is written by a mom, who yelled too much. It's amazing!!! She challenged herself to a year, with NO YELLING!!! And she did it! Then she wrote a book about it and challenged other parents to go any amount of time, without yelling at their kids!

The theory, is that we don't take the time to realize that, when we yell, it's generally NOT because we're angry with our kids. Typically, our kids behavior is just the trigger that sets us off. We're really just stressed about life, tired, or angry with some other adult. Our kids just happen to come under fire and it's so unfair to them.

 For me, this challenge is sheer brilliance. I am so excited to start! I imagine it won't be easy, as yelling has been part of my parenting for my 9 years as a parent. But I'm determined to do this, More determined than I have ever been about any diet or attempt to quit smoking (which, I'd like to note, I have been smoke free for over 18 months!). This is something I HAVE to do, not just for my babies, but for me too!

SO! Wish me luck folks! Today is Day 1 of my Orange Rhino Challenge.......anyone care to join me?

Check out the site and then commit to quit yelling!!!!

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