Monday, June 10, 2013

He likes YOU more than me....

You know what drives me nuts?

The fact that my son is such a fan of my husband.....that drives me nuts. 

I know that sounds a lil messed up. But seriously, my husband can do no wrong in my son's eyes. He is a superhero to him....while I just make the meals and wash the clothes. I am the superhero's maid. 

They gang up on me too!! The terds that they are. The big one starts picking on me and soon, the little one has chimed in and is all "Yea Mommy, ha ha, Daddy is right".

Well I have a plan. A way to get them back....THE BOTH OF THEM!!!

I am going to slowly phase out their underware. I'll do the laundry as usual. But ever pair of underware belonging to the Big and the Little, will get set to the side. 

Before long, they will be undie-less. Then who do you think they will call on? Who do you think will be the superhero? THE MAID!! That's who...muuuaaahaaahaaa!!!!

So that is my sinister plan. 

The only way it could backfire, is if those two start going commando....or buy some new underware. 

I may have to think this through a little more.

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