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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Malissa, I am 30 years old and a full time wife and mother of 3. I am the product of a Mexican mother and an African American, Native American and French father.  I am living with Gastroparesis, Social Anxiety, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder...fun times, lemme tell ya!!

I am a mother!! I love being a mother! I really can't think of any career I would rather have. I am also a wife, who is madly in love with her maddening husband. We are both stubborn and we bump heads..... a lot, but we truly love each other for all that we are, with all that we have. My husband (Oscar) and I, struggle to make ends meet ( like too many other families), and have taken both crafty and extreme measures to keep those ends together. I'll share more about that later though!! I am outspoken, opinionated, sarcastic and often times, mouthy!! Those sound so negative....let's try that again. I am witty, educated, charismatic and...um....sharp tongued??? Whatever, I am ME!!! I says what I means, and I means what I says!! 


Nothing....everything. My life is far from perfect but I absolutely love it!! I may not have lived very long...yet, but I have done quite a bit of living. I have personal experience in several different areas of life, both positive and negative. I KNOW I'm not the only one to have lived like I have, but what makes me unique, is that I am willing to share what I have lived (good, bad and ugly).  I don't consider myself special, I just want to be helpful!


The truth is, I generally prefer to help animals, but my husband has put his foot down on rescuing/adopting even ONE more animal (I guess the 4 wild baby mice were that last straw). So I have decided to help my fellow man.....woman....PEOPLE!! Ya see, what I hope to do it this:

  1. Share my tips and tricks on all things home and family.

  2. Share my 30 (ugh) years of experience of  being a multiracial, overweight, female ( 3 strikes) in this CRAZY society.

  3. Share my struggles, my pain and sorrows and( most importantly) my joys and triumphs!!

  4. SPEAK MY MIND!!! My husband (bless his heart) calls it "Tellin' it like it is". It's all about real talk, regardless of consequence. I hope to be the one to say what YOU are thinking! I hope to ignite some fires and spark some EDUCATED and ADULT-LIKE DEBATES!!!


The plan is....I am going to talk and (hopefully) you'll listen. Again, I am far from perfect and in no way an authority on ANY subject.  Simply put, this is a "mom blog", but not sugar coated and about all things pretty! It's to be a blog for real moms (in all our greasy haired, sweatpant and stained shirt wearing glory), by a real mom, about REAL LIFE!! Will I make new friends? That would be awesome!! Will I piss some people off? It's pretty likely :( . Will I help others along the way? I TRULY hope so!!

SO, it's lovely to meet you! Please stay awhile and get to know me better. Hopefully, I'll deliver the goods!!



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