Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mommy Wars, sanctimommy's and me.....

I must have missed the issue of whatever style magazine it was, that decided kids were the fashion accessories of this century.

Apparently, we are no longer having children to share our love with and expand our families. Now, we're having them to one up each other with our, "I'm so superior to you", parenting skills.

Unfortunately for me, I also missed the memo that declared any mother (not parents mind you, just mothers) that;

  • does NOT have a drug free home birth
  • does NOT take their home birthed newborn directly to a chiropractor for an alignment???
  • circumcises
  • formula feeds
  • vaccinates
  • does NOT use essential oils in place of actual medical treatment
  • does NOT cloth diaper 
  • does NOT babywear or co-sleep
  • does NOT make their own organic, GMO and gluten free foods
  • does NOT practice "peaceful parenting" a shitty excuse for a mom and should have never been allowed to procreate in the first place.

Some days....these sanctimonious bitches piss me off to no end. Today, those self righteous twats just make me giggle.

What I really love, is the vast majority of them think that, because they have managed to keep ONE CHILD alive for 36 months (which is 3 years for all you normal folks)....they are experts and you should listen to them, buy the essential oils they just became authorized to sell..... and/or read their TOTES AMAZE blog.

So over it people!!!! Stop listening to what those new age, hipster, trend loving lemmings are telling you is the proper way to parent. Truth is, there is no proper way to parent. Every mother/child relationship is unique. What works for one mom, may not work for you. So instead of beating each other down for doing what works for us. How about, we realize that raising children is hard enough without a bunch of Google loving bitches harping on us.  How about, we just agree to disagree and leave each other the fuck alone.

Also.....stop with the nurse-ins. They're just weird and hardly prove a point. Yea, I said it.

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