Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Medicated Mom's Guide To- "I don't feel like cooking"

It's really a very simple solution. Get your pen and paper ready won't want to miss this!!!


1-Package of hotdogs

1-Loaf of bread

Any available condiments.

1- Pot large enough for all dogs.


Now, here is where you need to pay close attention!!!

You open that pack of hot dogs and put em in the pot. Add water to the pot then boil for 5 minuets or so. Next, you'll want to grab that loaf of bread and some plates. Take a dog, place it on a slice of bread, add some ketchup and mustard (or whatever your LO's like) and serve. Voila!!!! Dinner in 5 minuets and your kids will think your AWESOME!!!

Want to spice it up?? Crack open a can of veggies and throw em in the nuker!!! A well balanced meal in minuets.

Your welcome!!

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