Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Medicated Mom's Guide To- Bored Children

Here's what you do.....

You go into each child's bedroom and start going through all the toy bins. Pull out all of the toys that are in the wrong spot (cause if your anything like me, EVERYTHING has a "right spot"), toss all out of place items in the center of the floor.

Get a broom and sweep all the junk out from under the bed.

Open the closet and pull out all the hidden treasures your kids left in there when they were "cleaning up".

Push everything into the pile in the center of the floor. your "OMG I'M SO BORED" children into their respective rooms and tell them to put all that crap in the center of floor WHERE IT BELONGS!!!!

BOOM.....boredom problem SOLVED!!!

Your welcome!!!

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