Sunday, August 18, 2013

EVERYONE has issues.......

I have to be careful with this post. I have to attempt to share my experience, without putting too much of another persons business on the table.....

Lets see how this goes.

So, a very good friend of mine is going through a personal struggle. Her demons have finally gotten the best of her and she has had to seek outside help. I, for one, am very very proud of her. It's hard enough to admit to those who love you, that you need help. It's even harder to go and get it.

So aside from being fully supportive of her leaving to get help. My husband and I have chosen to take care of her two children.

These kids aren't just my friends kids. They mean more to me than that. These kids are like my own. I am invested in their well-being. I love them.

So they are staying with us. For as long as need be.

Now, before you start to asking....YES...I have three kids of my own. YES...I am pregnant. NO....I don't need to anymore stress. But honestly....NO....none of that is a concern at this point.

Right now, these kids need me and truth be told....I need them. I need to be able to see them on a daily basis and KNOW that they are fine. I need to able to hold them when they are sad and giggle with them when they are happy.

Okay that is part one, the biggest and most important part. Here is part two.

I am terribly disappointed with her family and the father of her children. If I where her....I would hope that my family would call and check on my children. I would EXPECT that their dad would call and talk to them and tell them that everything is going to be okay. None of this has happened. I could truly give two shits about how angry they are with my friend. I don't give a damn about them being disappointed in her. That has nothing to do with the fact that these children have just been separated from their mother and left with people who aren't their's shitty and they should be beyond ashamed of themselves.

But you know what??? It's whatever!! My husband and I are HERE for them. My parent's and my brother, are HERE for them. We always will be. They are going to know that they are loved and they are going to get through this just fine.....because I won't have it any other way!!!

The moral of the story is....Everyone has issues. NO ONE is perfect and NO ONE has the right to judge. If you feel you do have the right.....then be bold enough to say it to someones face. Otherwise, your just a spineless, shit-talking
asshole. Nighty Nite!!!

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