Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pink and Frilly is for SUCKERS!!!

It's not any secret that my lil Monkey is FAR from being a girly-girl. She truly enjoys getting dirty. She eats dirt. She smacks people around. She's a "G"!!

So tell my why my cousin, was SOO surprised that my lil angel didn't enjoy her time at a local businesses "Princess Room"?

She took her in, thinking it would be a blast (since EVERY little girl wants to be a princess) and came out shocked that she broke the legs off of some furniture.

Also....tell me why, my mother is having such a hard time wrapping her mind around the fact that my baby, wants a Spider-Man birthday cake?

My mom (being the cake making GENIUS that she is) has been trying to get a cake idea out of my Monkey for the past two months. Her third birthday is coming up in October and so my mom wants to start planning out the pastries. When Mom asked my little darling "what kind of cake would you like for your party?"......the Monkey simply replied "SPIDER-MAN". Mom has been trying to change her mind ever since. 

Just face it people. My littlest girl is NOT into the pink and the frilly. She'll beat your ass before she puts on that tiara!!! And I LOVE that about her.

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