Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A whole new segment!!!!

I am going to be starting a new thingy here on my blog.

I was thinking about it all day today, and I always kinda wonder why it is that people seek out my advice. I mean....I'm seriously.

But anywho, I decided that I am going to dig deep into my mental file cabinet and pull out all the gems of knowledge I have shared with people throughout my years as Mommy!!! I'm also going to throw in some random bits of information that you or someone you know, might find helpful.

It's going to be titled.....this is good......"A Medicated Mom's Guide To_______". Every time I post I will fill in that blank with something new.

Newest Addition to!!!
 For example, tomorrow you might find the following post; "A Medicated Mom's Guide To- Nappy Hair"....or...."A Medicated Mom's Guide To- A Strange Red Rash".

You just don't know what your gonna get, and that's the beauty of it!!!!!

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