Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's kind of AWESOME!!!!

I have long debated sharing something as personal as my sex life.

I suppose its knowing that my family reads these, and somethings aren't meant for family.

But then I decided that, when it comes to my sex life, it's just too good to NOT talk about it.  It's truly amazing, full of passion and what have you....I am pretty sure that there's
a symphony playing somewhere every time we make love.

Okay, so my husband and I met in January of 2003. In March of that same year, we became an official couple. So for the past 10 years, my husband has been rocking my wee little world. Just getting that out there, right off the bat.

Of course we aren't perfect. We have had down times and slow times, but each time we rediscover each other, it's like we're 21 and full of hormones all over again.

Now while we aren't perfect, the things we do to each other in private......totally perfect!!!

We are still creative, we still know how to drive each other mad, and we still know all the "right" spots. The job always gets done, with very positive results......if you know what I mean.

I am excited about this. I know that 10 years isn't an insanely long time, but for all that we've been through, it's still pretty impressive to me. I hope that I can say that same thing 40 years from now.

Well, all this talk about sex....I think I will go and PROPERLY wake up my wonderful husband. Ladies, if you want to ensure YOU have a great day, wake your husband up the "oral" way....HAHA!!!

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