Friday, August 9, 2013

I can explain this....I think...

Let me start by saying, that as a woman has more pregnancies, she finds that she has less and less control over her bladder. It's unavoidable. Okay, that being said, here's the story.

The other night, I was on my way to take a shower and I grabbed a package of pads from my stockpile shelf. My Bitty girl sees this, and says (without any hesitation), "MOMMY, YOU'RE NOT WEARING A DIAPER?!?!?"

I tried to tell her that they weren't diapers, but she just kept right on with "Oh my goodness, I can't believe this, Mommy is wearing diapers now. Mommy your a big girl like me, you don't wear diapers anymore......I have to see this when you come out the shower"

I was shocked stupid. I had no words, no way to defend myself. I mean she's 5 for Christ's do I explain my leaky pregnancy bladder, to a 5 year old without....well, saying I need a diaper??

My darling daughter has once again made me just a little more self-conscious....gotta love her!!

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