Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I get a little distracted.....

So I haven't been around lately.....I apologize.

It's just that I have this new obsession. Which for me, means that I am completely and utterly engrossed in something new, for at least.....9 days. And I have a real issue with odd numbers, just sayin'.

So anyway, yes, I have a new obsession and I have been all kinds of into it for the past week or so. This is my explanation for my absence.....since I KNOW you all missed me terribly.

By now I know your all asking "well what the HELL is it?!?!?!".  Barrettes.

My latest craze is making barrettes. It started out as something fun to do for my girls. THEN...it turned into a birthday gift for my niece.....NOW.... it is a full blown addiction.

I mean really, aren't they just so cute??? You forgive me for not being around.....don't you??

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