Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fat....and not with a "PH"

Good morning readers.

Today, I am feeling icky. I have actually been feeling icky since my doctors appointment yesterday.

Do you know what that bitch of a midwife told me? She told me I have gained weight!!!

Doesn't she know that I was perfectly content living in denial? Doesn't she know that my weight is a VERY sensitive topic for me??? Doesn't she know that now, I am just depressed and extra anxious to get this pregnancy over with.....so I can starve myself back to my happy place?

Okay, so I am not really going to starve myself. But how messed up is to tell someone that they are gaining a bit to much weight....while they are pregnant....then tell them NOT to start exercising and NOT to change their diet??? Does that make any sense to you? All that is, is a set-up.

AND SHE PUT ME IN THE SAME WEIGHT CLASS AS HER!!!!!! Not to be a bitch or anything, but lets just say I have quite a bit more value meals to choke down before she and I are in the same league.

I will admit that I am the heaviest I have been in a long time. And that makes me very uncomfortable. I have A LOT of work to do after I have this baby. Which is why I asked for a gym membership for my birthday. That's a hell of a present, ain't it? A newborn and a gym membership.....HA!!!

So for now, I just take it easy on the munching.....yea....I can do that. And after I have Mr. Baby #4, I really change my eating habits and I hit up the gym like a fat person hits up a buffet!!!! LMAO....I love my fellow chunky butts!!

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