Monday, July 22, 2013

You see what you made me do??

I was trying VERY hard not to share my feelings on the whole "Trayvon Martin" case. I really was going to just let people have their ignorant outbursts and sit quietly, biting my tounge.

But I have had enough. I have reached my "asshole tolerance" level and if I bite my tongue any harder, it'll cause permanent damage.

The ruling on that case.....was a bunch of low-grade, high stink BULLSHIT!!!

Regardless of what race the involved parties were.....that ruling was a crock-o-shit. That man MURDERED that boy....who was unarmed.....and he got away with it. Scott free, as they say.

Okay, so other than that (EVERYONE knows it was crap....even those who were rooting for Zimmerman, know he was guilty as sin), the latest wave of whiners is really getting under my skin.

You all know what I am talking about. I am sure you have seen the post on social media or heard it on the news or radio.

People are upset that the Black community is pitching a fit. I have had pictures of white men, women and children who were assaulted or murdered by black people, all over my Facebook wall since the verdict was read.

All of them have pretty much the same message. "Where was Al Sharpton and Jeese Jackson when....."
or "How come the President didn't speak out about so and so being murdered by 3 black dudes?". "When is the NAACP going to say something about this person...." IT IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!

Seriously people....are you really that dense that you can't figure this out on your own??? You are making more noise bitching about other noise makers.....than you do about the crimes committed. If you invested the same amount of energy making your own stink about the people in your community, whose lives have been lost.....they would get the same amount of air time as poor Treyvon has.

Instead, you want to sit around talking shit and hating black people. Yes, that makes perfect sense....LMAO!!!!

Here's the thing. For MANY MANY MANY years....the black community had NO VOICE. Crimes were committed against black people (we're talking REALLY HORRIBLE CRIMES) that police and government turned a blind eye to. Today, things are much much different. The Black community was given a voice and has since then...refused to shut up. So when crimes are committed against black people, by white people...and you get rulings like the Martin-Zimmerman get some very pissed off and incredibly noisy black people. We feel that shit a little differently than you do. That is because our grandparents and great-grandparents fought for that voice. And they taught us to speak up for ourselves....and to make as much noise as we have to, until we are heard.

That is what the Reverend and Al Sharpton and President Obama and all those other black community leaders and spokespersons are doing. They are making some noise for that boy. They are letting the whole FUCKING WORLD know that this is not okay. But still there are those that would silence us. That would paste photos of their lost loved ones on the internet, not as a cry for justice....but to whine about all eyes being on one little black boy. It's a shame.

The really sad part, is that no one seems to see this....and things are going to get out of control.....again.

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