Tuesday, July 16, 2013

So much for being nice.....

A few weeks ago, I had decided to start a "one-woman kindness campaign". I was going to say something kind and sincere to at least one person, everyday. The purpose was to share happiness, to give people a reason to smile.

I had decided to start with the people on my Facebook friends list. Cause saying nice things to people I at least SOMEWHAT know, just seemed easier.

Turns out, being nice is creepy.

You heard it here folks, saying random kind words to people, just for the sake of making them smile....makes you a creepy individual!!

So my campaign only lasted a few days.....because while I enjoy making people smile and feel good about themselves, I am not into being called a "creepy friendless loser".

HA HA HA....yes, being nice makes you friendless as well. Because I couldn't possibly say something nice without trolling for friends....right??

So long story short...I was right, people suck. On to my next endeavor!!!

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