Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's just a matter of opinion.....

I am sure, that some people are going to read some of this and feel offended. So just read the whole thing first...and then you can feel offended.

So I suppose I should start off by saying that this is just my opinion. I also want to say that I am aware that circumstances often play a big role in this topic too!!

Okay, I guess the nicest way to say this is....I have strong opinions about women with multiple children from multiple men. There are words associated with such women, words that I will refrain from using.

For me, it was very important to me that all my children have the same father. I guess I am "old school" in that respect.....or I have respect for myself....whichever!!

Again, I know that there are unique circumstances (such as death or divorce) that lead to more than one "baby daddy", but I'm not referring to those. I am talking about the girls that have 4 kids, each 18 months apart and each with a different dad. THOSE are the ones that irritate me and cause me to bash my fellow woman.

The best part about this, is when those same women get all worked up about being called out of their names. Seriously?? The truth...she hurts!!!

I understand that birth control fails...I have had two BC pregnancies. BUT DAMN....if you know that your THAT fertile....practice abstinence. Either that, or face the "You's a hoe" music!!!

So there you have it. I have hoe prejudices.....

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