Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wait, were you adopted??

If your wondering about the title of the post, don't, it pretty much speaks for itself. 

This is a question that I have been asked at least once a year, for as long as I can remember. 

"Are you adopted?"...my answer is always no. 

"Oh, its just that your mom is white..and....your not"

Well NO SHIT!!! 

Actually, my mom is Mexican. She has a very fair complexion, but yes, she is Mexican. My father is African American (among other things). So apparently...when you mix a fair skinned Mexican woman, with a (milk chocolate kind of brown) African American guy.....you get a ME!!!

It's always bugged me, not that people think I'm adopted, cause whatever right? What bugs me is the people that actually have the nerve to ask me. I mean, what difference does it make and what does it matter to you? 

For a long time, when I was younger. I wished that I had my mothers complexion. For whatever reason my young mind came up with, I felt it would be better to be the same "color" as my mom. 

This could be, because I have almost always attended schools, were the majority of students were white. It could also be, because those same students, picked on me for my skin color and for the texture of my hair. They teased me for being adopted, even though I'm not. 

So I guess I just figured that if I matched my mom, life would be easier. In reality, those lil assholes would have just found something else to tease me about, like getting boobs early or being chunky!! 

I even had family, that made me want to be lighter. 

I remember one Halloween, I was with one of my so-called uncles, preparing for a party. I remember seeing some brown costume make-up and asking if I could have it, so that I could put "dirt smudges" on my face (I was a farm girl that year). 

You know what he said to me? I didn't need any make-up for that, I already had it. Yes, he said that. To a 12 year old. Nice huh? 

I don't have any those feelings anymore. I love who I am. I love my skin color. I love that I don't have to roast myself in tanning booths, or spray paint my skin. I love my hair too. I love that I can do just about ANYTHING with it. I love that I can wear it long or short, straight or curly....and it looks pretty decent any which way.

I love that my parents endured all that they did, just to love each other. I love that they made three beautiful babies, who are too mixed to be intolerant. We are now raising our own children, to not see race too!!

So my husband is Mexican. I am Mexican, African American, French (Creole) and Native American. Our kids.....are a gorgeous, amazing and wonderful mess...ha ha ha. 

It's funny, cause I know what life is as a multiracial child. I am now learning, what life is like as the parent of multiracial children. It gives me a whole new sense of respect for my parents. 

It also has my hackles raised ALL THE TIME. I am ready to pounce at any moment and will claw the eyes out of anyone who forms their lips to judge me or my family. We are perfect the way we are, work on yourselves!!!


  1. I think multiracial children are the best looking that God can make. Love the "not having to bake yourself to a golden lovely color that you are". I am sure you are welcomed for saving you all that money too!

    1. Thanks!!! I do save quite a bit on tanning.....now that I think about it!!!