Tuesday, June 4, 2013

If you can't say anything nice.....

You ever see something nice that someone did, or hear about this great thing that someone (or someones) is
doing...and think, "Gosh, how nice is that"?

Or maybe you know someone who is just an overall good person, but maybe they don't receive enough (or any at all) praise for being a stand-up individual?

Have you ever told anyone...for no reason other than to make them smile, how great they are?

Today, I felt compelled to do just that. I was thinking how lovely someone was and how, they have such passion for what is important to them. Something we all kind of lack, if you ask me.

Well I realized today, that I don't do that nearly enough.

I like to make people smile. A legitimate smile of course, not a "yea, thanks for blowing smoke up my ass" smile. And while I don't know that I made this person smile, I have decided that I am going to endeavor to make at least one person, not in my immediate circle, smile everyday.

This will be my new mission. To spread more smiles.

So, if you are on my Facebook list of friends, be prepared to be complimented!!!

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