Wednesday, April 10, 2013


No, not really.....BUT if they do, are you ready for them? 

I know to some, preparing for a "zombie apocalypse" seems stupid or silly. For me, it's just not so. I am TERRIFIED of the whole idea of zombies. Here is my tragic story.

Okay, so I am not blaming my dad for my deep seeded fear of the walking dead, but it is kinda his fault. See, when I was somewhere around 8 or 9 years old, my dad thought it would be a GREAT idea to have a "Dead" marathon. He had recorded "Night of the Living Dead (1990), Dawn of the Dead (1978), Day of the Dead (1985) and the first two "Return of the Living Dead" films (1985 and 1988). We sat up almost all night, watching these and unbeknownst to him, it messed me up for life. 

It is a legitimate fear of mine. I am truly fearful of the impending take of over. It could TOTALLY happen! So now, all these years later, zombie flicks still scare the shitty's outta me, but I watch them faithfully. People have asked me why I watch them if they mess with me and I answer "It's just like someone with a fear of heights, taking on the Sear's Tower". I watch these movies and I study them. I see the mistakes, the good ideas, the "need-to-knows". I take note of all these things, I make mental lists and plan (in my head) for when the shit hits the proverbial fan. I am preparing for the day, when I am forced to face my fear.

You can say I'm crazy, cause medically speaking....I am. But really, is it all that crazy to prepare for the fall of civilization? I mean, you can research a million and one conspiracy theories and apocalypse scenarios and if after that, your not motivated to have an extra gallon or two of water and a few cans of food.....just in case......maybe you got a little crazy in you too. Not to mention a TON of denial and far too much faith in humanity. 

SO, the zombies are coming, hopefully not anytime in my children's lifetime, but they ARE coming. Are you ready?

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