Monday, April 8, 2013


Okay, I don't know about you all....but I can really appreciate a good poop. 

A lot of you are saying "Holy SHIT...she's not going to talk about she?"

For me, it is something to talk about. One of my symptoms, in terms of Gastroparesis, is being EXTREMELY irregular. I won't get into the gory details, but lets just say....I never know what I am gonna get when I cop-a-squat. Being pregnant, only intensifies these problems.

Besides having always been fascinated with my bowel movements (it's a characteristic of an anal personality...which is totally me), living with GP has further developed my appreciation of poop.

Here is my theory....

We all like to brag about the things that make us feel good, right? Our kids, a good meal, a family event, a nice roll in the hay.......we talk about all those things ALL THE TIME. Well doesn't a giant poop make you feel good??? Lighter, clearer, ready to take on a buffet? Share this news people!

I think that if people start to open up about their bowel movements, they will be able to open up about a whole lot more. Everyone will be a little more liberated and just overall happy. 

So that's what I think. You can say I am gross.....but really?? I have three kids, I have been up close and personal with more bodily fluids and waste than most (closest to the door) public bathroom stalls.  

Feel free to share an amazing shit story with me....I am willing to listen!!!

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