Monday, April 8, 2013

The things I want to lick.....

So this is already turning out to be a much different pregnancy from my previous 3. 

With this pregnancy, it seems that non-food items are what I crave. So far, I have wanted to lick the fresh polish off my step-daughters nails. I have wanted to eat the stack of newspapers I collected for the coupons. I have also wanted to lick the wood from my girls new bunk bed. 

I should probably say that I did NOT lick my step-daughters fingers (though I am pretty sure  I freaked her out) ....or eat the newspaper. I am ashamed to admit......I gave the wood a little lick. 

It's the most bizarre thing, to crave something that your sane self, knows you have no business eating. I just couldn't control it. Especially the wood! Oh my lordy, you should have seen it. I was helping my husband set up the bed and it just smelled SO yummy! The next thing I knew, I had my eyes closed and my tongue had made contact with the bed frame. 

I had to get up and leave the room. Otherwise, I just might have started gnawing on the damned thing. 

I love being pregnant. It validates crazy!!

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