Wednesday, April 3, 2013


So I just remembered, how much c-sections SUCK!!! All three of my births have been via cesarean. Since my doctor/hospital does not perform VBAC's (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), this birth will also be.......c-section. 

While there are (in my opinion) several pro's associated with c-sections. The few con's are really, really crappy ones. Aside from the pain, as well as the longer recovery time, I am sure that the worst...and I mean WORST part of having a baby via cesarean, is the gas you get afterwards. 

I'm not talking about pootin and tootin, I am talking about the worst gas pain EVER. The kind of gas pain that will have you doubled over, praying for just one AWESOME, tear jerkin', glass shattering fart. It's the kind of gas pain, that makes you forget all about being a lady and having proper manners. That has you not giving, even a tiny shit, who can hear/smell the air bombs you drop. It is horrible and I am not looking forward to it AT ALL!!!

The second worst the spinal. They numb you from the armpits down, so that you can stay awake for your delivery (it's also safer for you and baby). In order to do this, they stick a in, not just one.....needles into your back and spine. If you've had an epidural, don't try to compare at this point. The difference between a spinal and an epidural, is that they wait until your pain in almost unbearable then they dope you up for an epidural. Your pain levels and tolerance have already been tested and you yearn for the relief promised in that needle. 

With a go in under one of two circumstances:

 1- It's an emergency and they need to get the baby out. In this case, everything is done so fast and your so anxious that you barely notice the "needle in the back" part.

 2- It's a planned c-section. Now, in this case, your not in pain. Your anxious, but not in the urgent sense. So really, you know whats going on and you feel EVERYTHING. It hurts and it feels wrong and weird. You have to sit in an awkward position and stay perfectly still. Yea, it sucks and I am not looking forward to it. 

So yea, those two things plus the pain and healing time, are the worst parts of a c-section. I get to do all of it again....for the fourth time. Did I mention that I have like, no feeling from the belly button down to my scars......nice right? This is gonna be awesome. I love my babies to death.....I have the scars to prove it!!!

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