Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sibling Rivalry

I have two brothers. My oldest brother and I, are 6 years apart. My younger brother and I, are 11 years apart. So I guess, comparatively speaking, that I have had it easy when it comes to sibling squabbles. I mean, we argued with and picked on each other...still do actually, but there was never any physical confrontations between us. 

Now, I have three children of my own (soon to be 4). My eldest is 7, then 5 and the youngest is 2. They are somewhat close in age, which makes things A LOT more interesting in this house. My Bubba boy is a rare breed of child. He is very mild mannered, not at all confrontational and just all around sweet. He has his "moments", but for the most part, he is very well behaved and always tries to be a peace maker. 

My girls, on the other hand, are determined to drive me completely insane. I think they are also plotting to kill each other. They fight almost CONSTANTLY and over EVERYTHING!! It's physical too. They scratch, punch, pull hair, bite, kick and slap each other. Fights between the two of them escalate so quickly that most times, I get to them when they are both beat up and crying. 

I hate to admit this, but there have been times when I just throw up my hands and say "Go ahead and kill each other then". 

What scares me....is that they are only 5 and 2!!! This is truly, just the beginning of things. Another admission??? I am terrified of having two teenage girls......

The thing of it is, is that they have two totally different personalities. My Bitty girl is a DIVA!!! She is dramatic and completely girly. She will be all about her looks when she is a teenager. To sum things up...she will be just like the girls I could not STAND in high school. GRRRREAT! My lil' Monkey, on the other hand, is most likely to be a tomboy. She likes getting dirty, playing rough and having her hair up in a ponytail. 

This will make things very uncomfortable for my husband and I. Oh and God help us when they start their periods. Teenage girls on their rags, are almost as unbearable and older women going through menopause. 

So pray for me people. Pray that God does not take it upon himself to further torture me.....by making Baby #4, another girl!!

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