Monday, April 1, 2013

North Korea....take a chill pill!!!

WTF???? Okay first off, I am getting really tired of how our countries leaders, just volunteer us for random shit. I truly believe that any and all participation from the U.S., should be a decision left to the American people. Not left to some old guys, locked in an eternal weenie wagging contest.

Okay so North Korea has it's panties in a bunch....again. It's threatened to bomb some pretty major cities in the U.S. It's also talking MAD SHIT to South Korea, threatening to rape their first female president...among other things. 

Is it just me, or does all this anger and violence give anyone else a headache? It seems to me like all of this is just about superiority. Everyone wants to be the better, more powerful country. I wonder...if the leaders of all these countries were to take mass polls, asking its citizens how they feel about war and all its properties....I wonder if they would find, that most people aren't interested in it. I bet they would find that most people, really don't give a shit about who is doing what in another country. 

I think that people already have enough to worry about in their respective homelands, to spend any more time worrying about another. Then they add the stress and threat of us losing more of our men and women overseas. It just doesn't make any sense. 

It's none of our business!!! Whatever financial ties we have to these other companies, should remain BUSINESS!!!! Don't make things personal by claiming to be on the ready to back someone else, when the shit hits the fan. I mean seriously....we are adults, we were supposed to put those bullshit "I got your back bro" days, behind us. Grow up world leaders.....take care of your OWN problems and mind your OWN business!!! I am all flustered again. 

 South Korea warns North of 'strong response' to any attack -

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