Saturday, March 23, 2013

Stepping up my AWESOMENESS!!!

I am addicted to TLC's "Extreme Couponing". Like seriously, ADDICTED!! So naturally, I want to be a coupon queen. Last night I went printer crazy and printed out somewhere around 350 internet coupons. A little excessive? Yes, yes it is. Now ask me if I care? No, no I don't. I am psyched, I am so going to handle couponing like A BOSS!! I have started clipping the internet coupons. Tomorrow I am going to buy some newspapers to get the inserts. My plan is to start with baby steps. Just a few items, a few coupons. Just to see how it goes. Then BAM, coupon madness. You can laugh at me if you like, but I have three kids, two cats and a husband......and we need a bigger home. I NEED coupons in my life. The amount of stuff...especially free stuff, that can be obtained via BANANAS!! I can do this, you'll see. Then you'll all want to know my deepest, darkest coupon secrets.....I'll think about sharing them with you....if you ask nicely.

So here's what I need. I need coupons (duh). I need a couple of deep freezers, maybe 4 storage shelves, some jumbo reusable shopping bags, a paper cutter.....oh and some cushy back-up scissors. Please send all items to 1010 My House..C/O Malissa. Thanks

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