Saturday, March 23, 2013


My two year old (the Monkey) has a very good vocabulary for her age. She sounds like some sort of cartoon character, like a chipmunk. Or maybe it's more like a munchkin from Munchkin Land. At any rate, listening to her talk is extremely amusing. My husband and I probably draw more entertainment from it, then we really should. 

So naturally, I have been teaching her extra funny things to say. This is simply for my entertainment. I don't think its right to teach toddlers to curse. It doesn't make me giggle. However, hearing a munchkin sounding,toddler say "Back up off me" that's funny! I also get a good laugh out of her "Yeave me yone", "I not payin wit you no moe", "You hurd me?", "Wat I says?" ......oh the list really goes on and on. 

As a parent, your personal time diminishes with every child. Soon, taking a poop on your own, is something to revel in. You find that the money you'd spend on dinner and a movie...could buy a month worth of diapers. If you have any friends...hahaha, you find that your single/childless ones, don't seem to spend as much time with you anymore. The friends that have families? Getting in sync with nap times, school pick ups, sports practices and cooking and cleaning.....makes socializing too complicated to bother with. So you kinda have to find alternate ways to amuse yourself. 

Enter, your home-based dinner theater. When your not cooking, cleaning, screaming, or drinking on the sly.....simply watching your kids in action, can be more entertaining than any night out, on the over-priced town. My little Monkey, is our favorite comedy club these days. Getting her to say random UN-pleasantries, some tacos and a couple of shots....that's all we need to call a night a SUCCESS!!

Sound horrible?? Using our kids developing speech for some shits n giggles?? You obviously don't have any idea what having three kids is like, or your just in denial. Poor laugh-less souls.

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