Wednesday, March 13, 2013

QuoteS of the dayS

I am a little behind, but here's what I got!!


Hubby and I are discussing my parent's NOT answering my phone call.

He says: "It's probably because they are talking to your brother, you know your only the middle child"....ass.

So I reply: "Ya know, your like a just start some s**t!!" There ya have it.


The Bubba and the Bitty are just off to school, Monkey is still sleeping. The kids watch "PBS Kids" in the morning and "Curious George" is still on. Hubby and I are sitting watching....just us two." The Man in the Yellow Hat" and "The Professor" are having a conversation.

I say: "So do you think "The Man in the Yellow Hat"  is hittin' that?"

Hubby replies: "Probably is...pretty likely anyway"

Yes, we need like....20 hobbies!!

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