Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Chicago Baby Jonylah Watkins Dead After Being Shot 5 Times - ABC News

Seriously people??? How much more do you need, to know that your "fight" is an extremely dangerous and outrageously STUPID one?? Your fighting over property that is NOT yours, over beliefs that are NOT relevant or valid, to distribute drugs that are NOT legal! So this fight....is completely illegitimate and inappropriate.

This baby was shot FIVE times. A 6 month old for crying out loud!! It's disgusting, it has me entirely incensed and the fact that it's MY people doing this.....has me completely livid...we're talking damn near rabid!!

Here's the kicker....the part that may just get some panties in a knot. I blame ALL of these punk gangbanger's parents!! Oh, you heard me! If you do your job properly (by that, I mean THE RIGHT WAY), it won't matter where you live, or who your child goes to school with, or the color of their skin. If you do your job properly, you should be able to produce a productive member of society.

I am tired of all the b.s. excuses people make for these (lets face it) PUNKS!! "Wha Wha Wha....he had a rough childhood/his dad left/we lived in the ghetto/his school was bad/his parents were junkies/his friends were bad/his brother taught him" EXCUSES!!!! If a drunk tries spitting off all that, you still call him/her a drunk....a drunk, that needs help. You don't just allow it like "Oh, well in that case....".

I have seen (not in person of course) grown men, crying like babies and begging for their mommies over ONE gun shot....in the foot. This BABY was shot 5 times. FIVE TIMES!!! You know what I think?? I think the parents of all these little a-holes need to: take some responsibility for the crap they dumped on this world, grab a twitch/spoon/belt (you choose)....walk outside...grab those little bastards by the ear....AND LET EM HAVE IT!!! Right in front of all their "boys"!! Make em' run circles and beg you stop....they won't be so tough after all that, will they?

I am tired of seeing stories of young Black and Hispanic males, dying from gang violence. They could be so much more....we are breed from ROYALTY!!!! I am tired of seeing stories of innocent people (men, women and CHILDREN) caught in the crossfire of weenie wiggling contests!!!

It's really not worth it, it's also not that serious. One day, that "hood" you and your friends are willing to die for...will be bought and sold to developers, who will have no problem kicking you and your WHOLE families out of said "hood", and ripping down your homes. Then you'll be in the suburbs with all the other "ole G's" (the ones still alive anyway) drinking beer, reminiscing and scratching at your house arrest anklet.

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