Monday, March 11, 2013

MTV's "Teen Mom"......

I am all for reality T.V., in fact, I am a big fan of some of today's most popular shows! I even quietly indulge in the MTV reality shows "16 and Pregnant", "Teen Mom" and "Teen Mom 2". The thing of it is, I am an adult. I am allowed to rent and/or buy pornography (not that I do), buy and consume alcohol (again, not that I do), and attend events for ages 25+ (Don't do much of that either). I say this, because I am strongly opposed to the underage viewing of the "Teen Mom" collection of shows. I think it's disturbing, the way they glamorize the plight of the teenage mother.

I was once asked, if I would ever let my daughters watch "Teen Mom". My answer was, "I wouldn't let my daughters watch ANY cable reality shows" (MTV, VH1, E!) . I believe that the lifestyles portrayed on certain reality shows, is...shall we say, inappropriate for young audiences. The sex, drinking, smoking, drug use, foul language....I don't need for my girls to EVER think that behavior is acceptable. I am not so bold (or naive), as to assume my beliefs are commonly shared. Fact is, a lot of parents allow their children to watch things unintended for their ages. I mean, if a movie is rated NC-17....that means its pretty rough and you probably shouldn't let your 10 year old watch it. Shows like "Teen Mom" are REAL LIFE!!! These are actual 15 and 16 year old girls, going through a VERY adult situation, that the whole world is invited to witness. I don't want my children to see ANYONE giving birth, let alone some baby, until they are adults! It's gross....sorry to say it, but yea, childbirth is not a pretty thing if your not the one giving birth. It really is not meant for a child's eyes, a child being anyone under at LEAST.....we'll say 17.

evoTo let 13 and 14 year olds watch such shows, is to allow their young minds to roam. As an adult, I watch the show and think "those poor, irresponsible, disrespectful, dramatic and depressed babies". A young teen might watch it and think "That's so cool!! You get to skip school, get your own apartment and marry your boyfriend when you have a baby". Is that really the kinds of ideas we want to give to our young ladies? Listen, I am not suggesting that I know what is best for anyone's children, but my own. I am suggesting that parent's do their jobs. Monitor and guide your child's television and internet viewing. Try and remember how you thought as a teen. Try and remember the mistakes that you may have made as a teen. Remember how impressionable you and your friends were.....that doesn't change because they are YOUR perfect kids and your SUCH a better parent than yours were. Giving birth is painful, raising proper children is the hardest job on the planet. Make it easier on yourselves folks....make em' read a book!!!

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