Saturday, March 9, 2013

"I'm Just Keepin' it Real"......

Tellin' it like it is....

I've stated before that I am and always have been, a fairly outspoken individual. This is NOT my fault. I am the product of two very outspoken parents, who taught me to speak my mind. I, of course, had to learn that there are times (as is often necessary in life), when one has to "hold your tongue". I don't like doing that, but now I'm fairly good at it.

One of my FAVORITE things about being an adult, is that there is a decreased need to put a lid on things. Now, I should make it clear, that I do not run around spouting off whatever comes to mind. I have a filter!

My opinions generally remain under lock and key. That is, unless it is requested....or provoked. When I say provoked, what I mean is, on occasions when someone says or does something asinine or inept, or simply IGNORANT, I just have to bring my opinion to their attention. I sometimes call it "word vomit", its often unintentional and usually, unavoidable. Did I mention that I am also somewhat sarcastic? I have often been referred to as a "smart-ass", which honestly doesn't bother me much, sarcasm is my second language! I have found though, that the mixture of sarcasm and "word vomit" is quite lethal.
I am couth, however! I know that what I percieve to be the truth, may not be truth to others. I also know that often times, the truth hurts and that my words can sometimes cut like a knives. The truth can hurt so much, that it is often better left unsaid (especially by me- AKA- Whip Tongue Acosta).

The reason for my sharing all this, is that at this time, on this blog, I intend to tell it like it is. I don't expect for all who read my writings, to agree with everything I say. I don't expect that all who read, will appreciate what I have to say either. There are topics that I am going to cover which are very two-sided. Your either for, or against. You are, or you aren't. You have, or you haven't. I am going to give MY take on all topics. I will share MY version of the truth. As always, it is the readers prerogative as to whether or not they accept my opinion. 

I am going to "tell it like it is" and really.....its just cause' I can!

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