Sunday, March 24, 2013

Just a couple of important points, then I'm sure my pill will have kicked in

If your wondering why there aren't very many pictures on my blog, there are a couple of reason for that. 
  1. I moved sites and most of them didn't make the move. 
  2. I am not sure I want all you strange people, knowing what my family looks like. You might be weirdos.
  3. I have been lazy.
That's pretty much all I got. If I do decide to share my family with you, you'll know it, cause you'll see the pictures.

Also...I apologize for all the esthetic changes that have been going on. It's kind of like trying to find the perfect "Not to bright, doesn't make me look fatter" outfit for date night. 

Furthermore, I have grabbed couponing by the balls, so my time is not even more divided. Hooray.........
It's cool though, I'll handle it like a BOSS!!!!

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