Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Brother the Tampon (and all other kids of the 90's)

Okay, so I was born in 1982...which makes me awesome. My kids brother was born 11 years after me, which makes him one of those annoying narcissistic 90's kids. I love my baby brother to death, like to think I had a pretty big role in raising him, but he is an ass. It's not just him though. I have come to the conclusion, that all of the children born during the 90's, are of the same stock. They all seem to be a little more than self-centered, a little more egotistical, more sarcastic...just all around irritating

Before I step all the way up, onto my rapidly waring soap box, allow me to elaborate on the "Tampon" title given to my brother. 

It works like this. There are individuals amongst us, who are frequently referred to as "tools". You all probably personally know, or know of, at least one "tool". There are also individuals referred to as "douches". Everyone knows a "douche" or two...or 9! 

Well, just like lots of other things in this world. These two things can be combined. It's not something that one should strive to be. Really, it's a duo that should be avoided at all costs. But when they do combine, the intolerable a "tampon"

I decided this last night, while ranting at my brother after he hurt my Bubba's heart. The unfortunate truth of the matter, is that most of today's youths (read:15-22) are in fact, TAMPONS!! They are very into themselves, more so than the average "tool" or "douche". They are also VERY self-righteous....which bugs the shit out me. I know it's not really their fault. After all, we are all the product of whomever raised us. But still, kids from the 90's drive me koo-koo. 

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