Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Medicated Mom's Guide To- The 1st Day of Kindergarten

OH MY GODDDDDD!!!!! No one told me it was going to feel this terrible. No one said that I would feel like the WORST MOM EVER!!!! No one shared with me, that I got off SUPER easy with my son. Curse all of you who knew this was coming and said NOTHING!!!!!

My Bitty girl started Kindergarten today.

We started out really well. She woke up bright and early just as excited as could be about starting school. She was in love with her outfit and I fixed her hair "like a big girls". We were dressed and out to the bus with out brand new princess backpack!! She got on the bus with no problems too! That could be because she had big brother with her, holding her hand like a good big brother should.

So she got on the bus and Daddy and I hopped in the car to meet them at school. When they got off the bus, big brother Bubba held her hand all way into the building, walked her into the lunchroom for some breakfast and gave her his utmost attention. He did a great job. My Bitty was still hanging tough at this point. She ate her breakfast, threw out her tray on her own and was ready to go to her class.

When we got the class....I made the mistake of letting dad off the hook, and went in alone. She was still doing good though, picked out her name tag, hung up her backpack, found her seat. The teacher had a coloring sheet set out on the desks and my Bitty started right in on it. She was halfway through writing her first name when she froze.....just froze. She turns to me and says (no joking) "Mommy, I don't want you to go.....or I want to go home with you". WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY TO THAT???? I went the responsible route and told her that I couldn't stay and that she had to stay at school and learn. She wasn't trying to hear that shit. She grabbed hold of my dress and started to ease her way out of her seat.

Long story short, before I made my escape, my baby was full blown sobbing and chanting "MOMMMMMMYYYY DON'T GO!!!!" It took everything in me not to break down in front of her. I left the room.....then broke down in the hallway. It is nothing nice. It's hard enough to leave your kids upset, with people that you know and trust......leaving them with a STRANGER.....while they are BAWLING.....and calling for MOMMY!!!! That's just torture.

So here is my advice to all you mom's that have yet to go through the Kindergarten drop off...........Let dad (or ANYONE else) do it!!! Your welcome :)

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