Saturday, June 1, 2013

I'm gonna pop some tags....

I shop at thrift stores.

Say what you will about them or me, but If I can find next to new, name brand clothes for my kids...for $.69....I'll be "cheap".

Kids grow out of clothes faster then the seasons change. 3 kids+nice clothes= a broke me.

There are two Salvation Army stores near me. All of the their items are labeled with a color tag. On Saturday's all the items with the designated color tag, are on sale for $.69. Regardless of the normal price. 

So for example, I found a brand new pair (tags still on) of DKNY jeans for my Bitty. The original price tag said $68. The Salvation Army price tag said $8....but because the tag was green (or whatever color it was) I got those jeans for $.69. 

If you were to look into my children's closets, you would swear we had invested a small fortune in their wardrobes. But you would be wrong. 

Thrift shopping is smart. It makes sense if you have children. Even more so if you have multiple children. It makes you a wise and frugal shopper.

So while you may think that it is cheap, low class or just plain beneath you to shop at thrift stores.....I think that just makes you a money wasting dumbass!!!

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