Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hate to burst your bubble.....

But you kinda suck! 

This is something that so many people need to hear. I am beyond tired of those individuals that deem themselves far more superior than any (or every) one else. 

Today, on my shit-list.....Single people. 

Why is it, that your lives are soooo much better than mine? 

Why does being married to and spending every day of my life, with a man that I love beyond measure and trust wholly.....make you uncomfortable?

Why does being the mother of 3 (almost 4) beautiful and unique children, who think I am a superhero.....seem so unfavorable to you?

Better yet, why should being alone....filling your voids with liquor and nightclubs....why should I envy that?

You don't find my life appealing? That's fine, the feeling is VERY mutual....just keep your snide remarks and bullshit judgement to yourself.....cause I'm still a "knock ya teeth outcha mouth" kinda and all!!

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