Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Up on my bright yellow soap box.....

I have already discussed bullies and what they did to me. You already know my feelings, about those who choose to make others suffer through their evilness. Well, I am hopping back up on my soap box because now, the devastating effects of bullying have hit home. 

I have never been one for bullying, other than picking on my kid brother, or poking fun at friends and family. I can't remember a time, when I intentionally inflicted anyone with any kind of emotional hurt. Maybe I did and if so I am apologizing right here and right now, with all the sincerity in the world. I am truly sorry to anyone that may feel that I hurt them for no good reason. I am very sorry. 

An old neighbor and friend of ours, lost his son the other day. He took his own life as a result of bullying. He was very young. Just starting his high school career, just starting to come into his own. Now he is gone, so he will never get to enjoy all the better times that were ahead of him. He'll never get to see how irrelevant all the douche bags he went to high school with, really are. This is all because he was a little different. He didn't look like MTV just shat him out. He didn't follow after the "popular" kids like a good little lemming. And because of that, he became a target. 

How is it, that someone can raise their child to be so insecure, that they take pleasure in tormenting others? How can you not teach your children, that it's better to be nice to others? I mean it's really very basic. This is a lesson taught in preschool. Be kind to each other. Why are parents not teaching this at home? How can a parent tolerate having an asshole for a child? I mean, I don't see how a bully can go to school, treat others like shit, them come home and be so much of an angel that you really have no clue how cruel they are. In that case, your child is a sociopath and perhaps you have much bigger issues at hand. 

There is no excuse for the parents of bullies. You are doing a bad job. You are failing to raise a valuable member of society. Plain and simple. In today's world, tolerance is an absolute necessity for life. There are so many races and nationalities mixing and shaking that you never know what "someone is", unless you ask, which is not always appreciated. Then of course there are all the MANY different faiths being practiced, that add to our melting pot. There are the variety of sexual preferences that are not always as obvious as you may think. There are so many "different" people, just here is the U.S., that tolerance should be a natural thing to all the younger and future generations. 

But, my generation and the ones before mine, are tools. So now, we are teaching our children to be tools. Even if you don't think you are. When you shout racial slurs at your television, or jokingly call someone a "fag" or "homo", your teaching your children those skewed beliefs. Guys, when you call a women a "useless bitch" or a "slut", your teaching your sons to have those same ideas about women. Children learn what the live. If they live in a home full of intolerance, they will learn that it is acceptable to be just that, intolerant. 

I should say this though, its not really just parents that are to blame, though they hold the highest percentage. It does, in fact, take a community to raise a child. When we send our children off to school, we are giving the responsibility of not only protecting them, but molding them into civilized and educated individuals, to the school staff. For a school to allow a child to be bullied, so much so that they feel the only escape is death, that school is failing us and our children. 

I don't get it, it's really not that complicated. Teach your children to be nice. SIMPLE....be nice to others, lesson complete. In this house, my children aren't even allowed to use words that could hurt someones feelings. Words like "FAT", "UGLY", "STUPID", those are all bad words in my crib. Some people find that silly, but let me tell you this, at EVERY parent/teacher conference I have had with my 7 and 5 year old's teachers, they ALWAYS praise my kids for how kind they are. They ALWAYS tell me, that my children have so many friends and that everyone likes them because they are so nice. My daughters teacher just adores her and is always raving about her "kind heart". I am not claiming to be a better parent than those of you who allow your children to use such words. But are teachers saying the same things about your kids?

It has to stop, babies should not be killing themselves like this. This is an epidemic that HAS A CURE. It's up to us, the adults...to implement it. WE have got to FIGHT FOR OUR CHILDREN!!!! Enough is enough. Don't let it matter, only after its come to your front door. 

I pray that Mikey rests in peace. He didn't deserve this, so I will pray for his attackers as well. Make some noise in honor of your kids people, before it's just too late.

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