Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Monkey vs. The Belly

So any parent of more than one child knows, that having another baby can be a very emotional experience for your children. Emotional?? That seems like such an understatement, considering what is going on in my house. My children have lost their little minds!!

 At the moment, my tiniest terror is my main source of stress. She is having the hardest time adjusting. My two older kids, had a hard time with the birth of the next, but nothing like the Monkey. She kind of reminds me  of a moody old lady. She fusses ALL the time and nothing seems to please her. Her eating habits have changed, along with her sleeping habits.

 I'm also pretty sure that she hates me.  I say this, because she hates me. I studied early childhood psychology, so I know she doesn't. I know that she is just struggling with new emotions and all that jazz, but it doesn't help with feeling less hated.

I think she's called me a bitch a few times too! She gives me this look, then mutters something under her breath........ I am sure she's calling me out of my name.

 My bigger kids are more sensitive and little more moody than normal. The Monkey....she's plotting how to take me out. Pray for me....

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