Thursday, May 30, 2013

I guess....

Well, that was interesting.

 Ya know something, I think that I am over allowing others to make me feel bad about myself. I think that if I know I am right, I am just gonna go with that. No one else has to like it. No one else has to agree with it. As long as it makes me happy and is not hurting those I love, why not right?

 I can be disillusioned too! I can be oblivious! I can be irrationally right...... all the time! So I think that is how I am going to proceed for the time being.

 This is my fourth pregnancy and it is going surprisingly smooth. I am not going to allow anyone else to impose their petty bull-caca on me, and mess up my flow. My world is a happy one at the moment and those that wish to interrupt that, well, your just not welcomed here. 

This message is a general one, meant for ANY AND ALL individuals that already have or plan to, bring me down. You lose :)

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