Friday, May 10, 2013

Confessions of a coupon-acholic.....

Oh boy.....oh my goodness....

Yes, you guessed it. I killed it yesterday. I went to the store with a well laid plan....and came home with a TON of stuff and a huge cheesy smile!!

Check this out...

Your intrigued right? Lemme break it down for ya!

First things first, my bath tissue. I mean, can you really ever have enough?
The tissue is normally priced @ $2.44 a pack. After price matching and coupons, I paid a mere $.50 a pack. I picked up 40 packs which came out to $20. I should have paid  $97.60......WOW!!

Now the cat food. Regularly priced @ $.76 a can, I should have paid $104.12 for all 137 ccans But after price matching and coupons, I paid $.06 a can for a total of $8.22......yes $8.22!!!

See those microwave meals? Those are $2.18 each. After price matching and coupons, I paid......NOTHING!!! I got all 24, a $52.32 value, absolutley free!!!

The shave cream?? That was free too!! Regular price is $1.98, times that by 20 and I SHOULD have paid about $40, but I didn't!!

Along with 7 free womens products, I purchased somewhere around $352 worth of merchandise. But I only paid (amazingly) $37 FOR ALL OF IT!!!!

So there ya have it. I am awesome and everyone wants to be me!! Okay, maybe that's a bit much. But your a lil green with envy, its okay to admit it!!!


  1. what story did you price match it with??

  2. I matched with a few different stores. Meijer's, Target and Kmart are the nationwide stores I use. Then I check out the ads from my local supermarkets!