Friday, May 10, 2013

An ode to my mom....

With Mama's Day fast approaching, I thought I would take this opportunity to share my love and admiration of my mother, with the world!

Okay, so in short, my mom is amazing. She has had a lifetime of struggles, some hardship and heartache, faced judgement and intolerace.....but you wouldn't know it unless she told you.

Its been said, that she is one mean lil Mexican (mostly by me), but thats just one part of what makes her so special. She is bright and optimistic, sometimes its maddening in fact. She has the magic one needs to light up a room, just by stepping into it. Regardless of how fiesty she is, she is loved and respected by all of her friends and family (and the occasional creepy stranger).

She makes everyone around her, feel loved and important, even if they don't do the same for her. I just adore my Mommy.

Some women, fear becomng their mothers. When I say or do something like her,
I can't help but smile a little. I strive to be as strong, determined, talented, loving and my wonderful, beautiful Mommy.

Happy Mother's Day Mommy. I love you!

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