Thursday, May 30, 2013

28 packs of diapers on the wall....

Went couponing yesterday....cause I am addicted like that. Here's what I scored. 

You are seeing 20 packages of diapers, 20 packages of baby wipes, 8 packs of feminine napkins, 60 Big juice pouches, 7 in-wash scent boosters and 6 drink mixes. 

For the average Jane, this would cost around $360 before taxes. With all my coupons, price matching and cost me around $130

Your dying to know how I did it, aren't you. Well, while I can't give away all of my secrets...I'll give you the basics. 

I read, read and re-read my stores coupon policy. If there is something that I am unclear on, I email customer service and get a clear answer on it. 

When I walk into my store, I have a list that contains; the items that are on sale, where they are on sale, how many I am going to get, how many coupons I have for use, the value of the coupons, the final price for each item and the final price for each group of items. 

 I of course, have my all of my coupons, which I have counted several times, to make sure I have exactly what I need (I count them again when I put whatever is on the coupon in my cart, and when I put those items on the counter for check-out.

When I put the items on the counter I try to go in order of my list, so that I can easily find the sale price for price matching. I pay attention to the register!! I watch to make sure that everything is going in for the right price, and that all of the coupons are scanning. I estimate my final price, so that I am sure every price match and every coupon went through. 

It's really about paying attention to detail, being VERY organized, and sticking to your plan. 

So for instance, the normal price on the diapers, was $9.47. I was able to price match them at $5.33 (which is awesome enough). I also had coupons for $1.50 off of one pack. This made them $3.83 each. AMAZING!!! I bought 20 and paid $76.60. Average Jane would have paid $189.40!!!

It can be done people!!! It's work and you have to be patient, but it totally pays off!!! I LOVE COUPONS......I wonder if I can get that in a bumper sticker?

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