Thursday, April 25, 2013

Coupons and food....oh yes, you can do it!!!

Yesterday, I packed up my husband, kids and hundreds of coupons and set off for the grocery store. I had my well laid-out plan at the ready too! I have to say, that while I didn't get away with another $20 for 200 purchase.....I did make out pretty well!!!

 I spent right around $140 dollars on various food items and payed $64 for it all. That's still paying less than half for everything!!! I am in love with couponing. I can't lie, I am hooked and already finding it hard to pay for things without coupons. I don't care how well off you are, or think you are.....everyone can use some savings these days.

 Start small, take a couple of coupons with you to grocery store WITH THE INTENT OF USING THEM, and see if you don't have a teeny tiny orgasm when you see that you saved. What you save depends on the time and effort you put into it!! 

So yes, I am working on another trip already. I saw some things on sale that weren't advertised, so I want to go back Spend a little...get a lot! It just makes sense!

In other news, it has come to my attention that I have been neglecting my blog. I apologize for this, but there is a lot going on in my home right now and I have found that making time for EVERYTHING has been a little more challenging then expected. I'm working it out though! Like any new thing, couponing is taking a lot of my time. But again, like any new thing, it will get easier as I go along. 

Okay, so I took some pictures of my latest conquest for you all to enjoy...or envy....whichever. Happy couponing ya'll!!
Payed just $1.87 for these

Payed $5.82 for 6...should have payed almost $12

Campbell's New Skillet Sauces Payed just $.29 for each one!
Should have been $13.86 for all of them

I had BOGO coupons for these so I payed $5.44 for 8 boxes

I LOVE these and payed $1.63 for each box, should have paid $2.50 each box.

FRUIT SNACKS! With 3 kids, I can't have enough of these. Payed just over $6 for 6 boxes when it should have been over $12!!!

Steamed Veggies....need I say more? Payed $.50 a bag!!

I have a child accessible shelf in my pantry just for the kiddies!! Here are some of my happy customers :)

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