Friday, March 29, 2013

You Know Your Pregnant When......

"The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" reruns have you crying like a baby!!

Oh yes, emotions are peaked at this point. EVERYTHING makes me cry these days. Will Smith breaking down about his dead beat dad on "The Fresh Prince", an overdue father/son reunion on a past episode of "The Walking Dead"......not having the full gallon of milk, that I just knew I had. These are all reasons for tears these days. I think the best, is scaring the shit out of my husband, when I start bawling during lovemaking. 

This is probably one of my least favorite aspects of pregnancy. I'm an emotional mess as it is, so adding these crazy hormones, only makes matters worse. I also hate the ravaging hunger and constant need to pee, a lot. 

So with this baby, my concerns are limited. The few that I have are: NO TWINS, stupid spinal for c-section, post cesarean gas pains (OUCH) and how my Bitty and Monkey are going to respond to the new baby. Other than that, I GOT THIS!!!!

5 weeks down.....35 to go......

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