Wednesday, March 20, 2013


At a total BLANK!! My lack of sleep, is slowly melting my brain. Soon, all that will be left, is a puddle of Malissa brains and odds kids will run in it and track it thru the house. My husband says I need to go to bed, which is true, however I have this constant nighttime dread that I have yet to shake.

I learned after baby #2, that kids tend to wake up and need something, at almost the EXACT moment you get into the perfectly comfortable position. Not while your brushing your teeth. Not while your taking your bedtime pee. Not while your climbing into bed and adjust the pillows, blankets and yourself. No, no...they wait until everything is just where you want it and you've just closed your eyes. Then you get the dreaded "MAAAA-MMMEEE".. The YELL that starts a chain reaction of demands. You tip toe into the room and they WHISPER "I gotta go pee". 

So yea, I am going to go to bed. And hopefully, HOPEFULLY, I will get to fall asleep and stay asleep until at least 6am. Pray for me. Nighty night.

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