Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Marriage Counselng....or a heavy object?

Here's the thing...I believe that all of life's commitments, require a certain amount of hard work and dedication. The most trying of those commitments? Without a doubt....marriage!!

Don't get me wrong, I love my husband more than words could describe. He is MY idea of the perfect man. That does NOT mean that there haven't been times (just once or twice), when I've wanted to punch him in his sleep! Inhuman amounts of patience, tolerance and good humor, are what a "perfect" marriage would require. Therefore, such a thing does not exist!

Think of it logically. This is an arrangement in which you live (eat, sleep, lounge, void) with one person, to whom you've vowed to love, honor and (in some cases) matter what! This person, who critiques your cooking, cleaning and child rearing skills, while they spent the day doing the same thing they have done for (oh lets say) 5 years......that by now, a chimp could do!! YEA, that person, now wants to come home and ask stupid questions like "is dinner almost ready?".

This person, who after an entire day of changing dirty diapers, washing dirty dishes and occasionally, cleaning up vomit (human or animal)....wants you to feel and/or get sexy?!?! Your supposed to happily honor that person, from now till eternity? To expect that the two of you won't occasionally want to cause one another just a tiny bit of bodily harm, is to stand by your mailbox everyday EXPECTING, that million dollar check!

The point in all this, is not to knock marriage. It's a wonderful thing, to have someone love and care for you thru good times and bad. Knowing that someone will have your back, in sickness and in health.....AMAZING!! The point, is to validate any occasional (rare...very rare) malicious thoughts or feelings, one might have in regards to their spouse! It is perfectly normal!! The need for counseling (in my opinion) does not arise until you start daydreaming of your spouses "untimely" demise!!

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