Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Lemme just make something clear, before I step up onto my soapbox. Fat people...don't generally like being fat. We don't wake up on ANY particular morning and think to ourselves "Self, lets see how many calories we can load up on today...just to make life THAT much harder!!" Also, people that (by societies standards) aren't considered to be attractive, didn't actually ask to be born looking the way they do. Just kind of happened. 

Some will say that it's God's f-ed up sense of humor. Others say it's what makes us unique. I say...its was gives all the cruel-hearted, self loathing, insensitive, malicious butt-holes (AKA Bullies), the ammunition they need to make others suffer.

Being fat/ugly/skinny/too tall/too short/black/hispanic/Asian/any other minority group/too dark complected/to fair skinned/red headed/freckled/course haired/thin haired/gay/lesbian/smart/not so smart/poor....really anything that makes someone different, makes it okay to disrespect and hurt another human being?

 If you haven't guessed it by now, I am in a mood. I am SICK of the way people treat others. I am SICK of the hurt that people have to feel just because someone thinks they are superior to them. I am SO OVER thinking less of myself, because all my life, there have been people saying or doing things that cause me to doubt that I am good enough. I was never allowed to be comfortable in my own fluffy, brown skin. I had surgery, lost over a hundred pounds and ended up with a butt-load of other health issues, as well as STILL being self conscious, just because I didn't look like the evil bitches I went to school with. 

I'm not blaming being obese, on anyone. I am not blaming the color of my skin, on anyone.  I am blaming my feelings on being those things, on all of the people throughout my life, that have teased me. I DO NOT like the fact that even as an adult, I still harbor all these negative feelings towards irrelevant people. 

So I am speaking my peace. I am letting it all out....then I am moving on. I AM FAT! I HAVE BROWN SKIN! MY HAIR IS THICK AND CURLY! I HAVE BLEMISHES! I AM NOT PERFECT! But guess what...neither are you! I will no longer envy ANY of what you are. I will no longer strive to be ANYTHING like you. I am my own person, I have a husband and children and family, that love me for all of my imperfections. I will no longer beat myself up about things that I NEVER had any control over. 

I will, however, try to live a healthier life and be a happier be certain, that you don't win. And I forgive you. I forgive you for your insensitivity and your ignorance. I only hope that your weight, doesn't ever become an issue for you. Or that you give birth to PERFECT children, so that they never fall victim to a bully....ya know, someone like you! 

To all of you, who don't think your good enough. YOU ARE!! Don't listen to those that say different. They are sad sad people, who need a hug. If you have children who are being bullied, do something about it. Make some noise in honor of your kids. A little embarrassment now, will earn you a lot of respect later. If you used to be bully, make peace with your victims. Odds are, they still remember you. If you have a child who is a bully, PUT IT TO A STOP!!! It's a cycle that HAS TO END! 

My mom used to tell me "Be careful how you treat people, you never know if your entertaining an angel....or the Devil himself". Remember this, life is hard enough without anyone adding more shit to the pot. You never know what someone is dealing with at home, that they have to carry with them throughout the day. You never know what effect your unkind words or actions will have on someone. What if that one cruel thing you say or the "one thing too many", that pushes someone over the edge, and they take their life or the lives of others. Be nice to one's a lesson you should have learned in preschool.

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