Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tiny basket...LOTS of eggs!!

A work in progress....indeed!! I am in the process of moving sites, setting up social media sites, adding content and of course...running a mad house!

 The past two days have been exceptionally nutty, thanks to The Monkey and her recently whacked out sleeping habits. Night before last, she didn't go to sleep until nearly 2am. Last night, she went to bed at her normal bedtime, but woke up (ready to play) at 3am. It's been AWESOME around here lately! Lack of sleep will do interesting things to a person. Last night, I would have sworn I was high!! I had a serious case of the giggles, couldn't keep my eyes open and was twitchn' like a fiend!

 This morning, I was up 3 (after going to bed at almost 12) and just could not get out of bed. I pulled The Monkey up into bed with my SO and I, in an attempt to get some more sleep. That didn't work out too well. One of my clearest memories of the night, is being faintly aware that my Monkey was gently rubbing my face. I remember slightly opening my eyes and seeing her stroke my face (AWWWW).....then I saw her take that same hand....run her tongue up it....then rub her slobbed-on hand, on my face......NICE!!! I also faintly remember watching her, watch milk drip into my SO's hair while he slept.

 That is why you CANNOT sleep, while your children are awake. It's just bad for your overall well-being.

So anyway, I apologize for the slow and not always steady, growth and development of the mine and cyber space's love child. But I am getting there....slowly but surely!

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