Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mommy groups...hmmm.....

OMFG!!!! I had no idea how serious this whole "Mom Group" thing was. I mean, that shit gets intense!!

Let me back up a bit.

So you all know I had a baby, right? Well when I found out I was preggo, I decided that I would join a couple Facebook groups with women that were due in November, like me.

It was nice, talking with women that were experiencing the same things that I was. Women that had swollen ankles and vaginas. Women that were eating pickled cow ears with basil infused peanut butter. Women that hated the men that knocked them up. We were sisters in the struggle! It was awesome.

But it wasn't always rolly polly bliss. There were some serious hot topics, that whenever mentioned, started a shit storm of hormone filled debates. Topics such as induction, circumcision, vaccinations, breastfeeding and co-sleeping. To state your opinion on any of those, was to invite a hailstorm of judgement and opposition. It got pretty crazy from time to time, but it kept me entertained when I was sitting around expanding.

So of course we all popped out our tarts, mine is almost 2 months old now, and we had gone from due date groups to mommy groups. WOO HOO...right?? Sure, if you like chilling with a group of sleep/social/sex deprived.....bitchy women.

So now, the daily posts have gone from pictures of stretch marks and pictures of cuddly babies and giant, green veined boobs. From questions about gas and questions about baby poop, bleeding and....well, hemorrhoids. Now the hot topics were breastfeeding in public, vaccinations, co-sleeping (yea, they are all the same topics) and basically ANYTHING that ANYONE might not agree with.

It became a zoo.

If you hadn't guessed by now, I am no longer a member of the majority of the groups I had joined. From the Hitler like admins, to the constant repeat of questions...I had to get out. Those bitches need meds.

I'm not knocking the mom group entirely though. Hell, I run a mom group! I am, however, a little traumatized from my first "mom group" experiences. I had no idea that being a good mom, was following the trends posted on blogs written by hypocritical,"crunchy", new-age hippies.

But it's okay, those days are behind me. I will go on and spread the word of the "IDGAF mom". I will encourage moms to parent as THEY see fit. I will encourage moms to trust their OWN instincts. It's always okay to ask for help, or opinions.....but parenting should be unique to the individual.

Anyway, the moral of the story.......Mom groups can be shitty, soul sucking, judgmental, hypocritical holes of hostility......and some (like mine) can be really awesome!!


  1. I love this. And felt the same way but never said how I felt lol since my daughter is 2 weeks younger than your baby.I've shared the joy of being in a group with you... lol

  2. Haha...I love that you love it!!

  3. I seem to always miss the drama lol. The only discussion I got into was the big circumcision debate in august. All the others I miss or come across way later.

  4. I seem to always miss the drama lol. The only discussion I got into was the big circumcision debate in august. All the others I miss or come across way later.

  5. I never seemed to miss it!! I'd open up my newsfeed and BOOM....there's the drama. Ugh, glad to be away from it.

  6. Hey, as long as you ain't one of those rotten people who leach off the government an never hold a job. I.E. become a baby welfare factory, raise your kids with the same morals, values to not become a burden. Health an happiness will follow.